Salam Sisters, I received your package, thank you for taking the time to put an attractive package, the abaya is beautiful and accessories. i am satisfied, al Hamdoulillah, Thanks for everything ALLAH y jazikoum.

H F Bourhayel, Strasbourg, France

Salaam Sisters - Shukran for an excellent service. Loved both abayas the fabric, colours, designs and finishes are so meticulous will always be worn with pride. Delivery was nailbiting as i was attending a wedding in South Africa but as promised it arrived beautifully presented and on time. Highly recommended and very much admired. Hope to order again. Which one next? Allah grant u much success Ameen.

J Adams Berkshire UK

I received my 'butterfly sequin abaya' yesterday and just wanted to say thank you and that it's beautifullllll! May allah grant you all good health to continue making such beautiful pieces inshallah.

Hanaa B Scotland UK

Mash'allah Akhawat managed to design and produce my Nikkah Abaya in less then 3 weeks! I'm very pleased with the outcome of the dress, it’s a resigned "Serenity dress" with a Moroccan twist, and a large embellished hood was added. I love it and everyone thinks its the best too.

Thank you again sis, for doing it in such a short time… I will deffo' be ordering in the future from you, Inshallah. Wasalam.

S Ragbi, Wiltshire, UK

I have received my order, and the abayas were GORGEOUS!!! Unique, good quality and PRETTY. Thank you for your detailed help when placing the order. I think I'm addicted

D Rahal, Calgary, Canada

I am satisfied that after I've seen with my own eyes the amazing abayas and placed my order - the designs and the fabric of these abayas was top notch, worth every penny! Masha'Allah I recieved all my four abaya/shayla and am very happy with the material, fitting and style. Will definitely order again. Thanks for your great service and and help.

A Zaid, London, United Kingdom

Mashallah - the abayas are BEAUTIFUL… soooo gorgeous + stunning! The parcel, thankfully, does not appear to have been opened en route & everything was so beautifully arranged & packaged — thank you! The Serenity - in the raw silk is soft & does drape nicely & the chiffon is super soft. The bead work is so beautifully done - even my husband was doing ooohs & aaahs! The Blossom Flare is such a pretty abaya! The threadwork & workmanship is excellent - I'm SOOO glad I discovered your website.

Anonymous, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Amazing Amazing Amazing! I have seen so many comments on Facebook regarding the pricing of these abayas. I am from Dubai and these abayas are equivalent to ore better than the designer boutiques in Dubai but less than half of the price. The fabric is good quality and embroidery is something special!! I love the little tassels on the scarves and the packaging was beautiful and I was shocked to receive my order in just 10 days. Fabulous job Akhawat, I will order again soon and recommend you to everyone.

R Al Shamsi, Florida USA / Dubai

All I can say is MashAllah....I visited Sister Aaliyah directly to order some bespoke abayas and I am blown away by the quality of her work and she managed to handle my order in less than 2 weeks and ship them to Saudi. The fabrics are amazing.... the pictures dont do them justice. I have ordered from every single UK and US website and shopped at all the events and stores in the UK but never found this quality in fabric and usually wait till going home to Saudi to purchase. Truly beautiful work, beautiful embroidery and fantastic service.

May Allah grant you great success and blessings in your new business venture, you are providing a fantastic service to the sisters. Ameen

M Al Sheikh, London UK / Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I have just purchased an Abaya from Akhawat ....It is perfect, made to measure - good quality, good design and best of all exceptional customer service. I would recommend all to purchase from Akhawat...:-D Maz

M Khan, Birmingham, United Kingdom

I just received my abaya and I love love love it..... I have already recommended you to family and friends....your products are beautiful.

R Al Nabi, Pennsylvania, USA

I found Akhawat through their Facebook page and ordered via the website which was very easy to use. The team was very helpful and tailored the abaya to my needs with excellent service and a very fast delivery. I was very impressed with the packaging and the presentation was impressive.

If you want quality unique abayas, akhawat is the place to go!! Although the abayas are costly it is definitely worth spending the money. The abaya I purchased was amazing.

N Inayat, Rochdale, United Kingdom

I wanted to stop by and say that I just received the most beautiful abaya that I personally have ever seen! I cannot tell you in words how extremely happy I am with the Moorish Abaya that you sent. It is absolutely exquisite and exactly the kind of delicate that i had initially expected when I first decided to order from your site. I am sooooo incredibly thrilled and a billion percent satisfied and MORE! I will without a shadow of a doubt and at my nearest opportunity be ordering from you again. Absolutely first class product!!! Thank you sooooo… soooo much!!!!!

G Mahmoud, New Jersey, USA

Just received my abaya and its beautiful ladies, and very High Quality, it even smelled terrific! :) Thank you!

S Roundtree, Texas, USA

il y'a une semaine j'ai acheter 2 de vos produit et je suis ravi de vous dire que je suis trop satisfaite de votre service et de vos produit bien sure allahuma bari lahum fi amrihihim mes soeur n'hésiter pas sur tout d’acheter chez akhwat j'ai essayer et je vous jure que je suis trop satisfaite plain les yeux...wa asalamu alaikum wa rahmatou allah wwabarakatouh

Sarah Taleb, France

Assalam Alikom, my abaya that I bought from you has just arrived yesterday. Wow its so beautiful, stylish and classy. I liked the material design and the chiffon scarf is amazing soft and it could be used with other abayas as well, so happy with it really well done sisters.

Mrs T Maiteq, Edinburgh, Scotland